in memory of jacky

Goodbye and thank you Jacky!


Since 2002, Prof. Jean Jacques Peters, from Vrije Universiteit Brussel, has been contributing to all HydroEurope editions with a passionate and enthusiastic participation. During 10 years, many generations of students have discovered and learned from Jacky the complexity and the diversity of the “river science”. Jacky was one of the fathers and the spirit of HydroEurope. After a courageous but unequal struggle with a cancer, Jacky died on January 22, 2012.
Jacky will remain forever, in the memory of all, as a example as an exceptional professor, a passionate engineer and a unique expert of rivers he was loving passionately. Jacky has developed during his professional life a unique knowledge based on experiment and observations. All HydroEurope participants had the chance to benefit of his experience and have realized how they were fortunate to meet him.
For all these years of contributions and friendship, HydroEurope has to thankful to Jacky and to keep alive his memory.
All of our thoughts are going to Monique and his family.