Program concept

Hydro-Europe is an Intensive Programme within the Socrates/Erasmus framework, initiated by the

Hydro-Europe is dedicated to the students involved in several master degrees specialized on the water management and the hydro-technologies. The objectives of Hydro-Europe is to promote, in a global European vision, the key concepts, the methodologies, the tools and the good practices which are today essential for a sustainable water management. Today, the problems related to water are more and more complex and must be analyzed in a global way and with the right tools. The sophistication of the situations imposes to reconsider the way of working: new practices, new tools, new technologies, new ways of collaboration.

Modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT) offers today the opportunity to explore and to promote a new dimension in the engineering activity: the collaborative work of team-partners residing at different locations and working at different time using the Internet as common working and communication platform. Collaboration in this environment demands for new skills and a new 'technological culture' to be generated just by doing. This is a challenge for the European dimension where in future experts and engineers from different countries with different languages, different mentalities as well as different specialization and professional experience have to collaborate in research, teaching and practice. Training of collaborating in such new environment is the challenge of this project which by collaboration of the seven Hydro-Europe partners will help to establish common high quality university teaching courses and establish links between students from the involved countries.

The seven partners of Hydro-Europe have decided to introduce this new concept into each local university program. They complement academic teaching and collaboration on exercises through the Internet by a 2 week phase of face-to-face meeting of all students and teachers in one place. During this time gained experience will be exchanged and personal contacts will be established and deepened.

The fifth course of this kind will be run from November 2007 to March 2008. Mixed student teams will be set up from the partner universities. Each team will work on a given project. Each team has to formulate technical solutions. Each team has to organize its work and set up its internal organization according to the specific knowledge and skills of the team members by itself.

The subjects for the projects are directly derived from real projects - river management, flood management, urban drainage - which are actually running in the area of Nice (France). During the first week of March, all the participants will be in Nice to present the results, to discover the reality of the problems and to meet the practitioners and the decision makers involved locally in the management of the projects.


Polytech Nice-Sophia - Universite Nice Sophia

Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

Brandenburg University of Technology - Cottbus

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Newcastle University

Vjre Universiteit Brussel

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne