Remote Desktop

To connect to the Server desktop from a remote location:

>> Windows XP Connection

Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection

Then, type the " " and click Connect.

Note that to be able to copy/paste documents from the remote desktop to your local disk (or conversely), you have to click Options, Local Resources tab, and tick Disk drives in Local devices:


Terminal Server Web Connection

Click on or enter the address on your web browser.

Then, type the Server name and clik Connect.


Log On

Type the User name and Password provided by the HydroEurope webmaster:

  • User name: EUROAQUAE\(your personnal aquacloud-ID)
  • Password: (your personnal password)

The Remote Desktop is available on your screen. You can run applications and carry out your project.

To disconnect from the remote computer: Start > Log Off ...