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Welcome to Euro-Korea Hydroinformatics!

This joint curriculum development and student mobility project  has been selected for funding in 2008 by the Industrialised Countries Instrument Education Cooperation Programme (ICI ECP). The project has the main objective to contribute to the education and training of future scientists and executive engineers in the EU and Republic of Korea in the fields of modelling and managing projects in hydro-technologies and environment.

Euro-Korea Hydroinformatics has been initiated by:

EU lead institution:

University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis (FR)

EU partner institutions:

Brandenburg University of Technology (DE)
Budapest University of Technology and Economics (HU)
Technical University of Catalonia (ES)

South Korea lead institution:

University of Incheon

South Korean partner institution:

Seoul National University

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Euro-Korea Hydroinformatics presented at the 2009 Atlantis Project Director’s Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, USA from October 11-13, 2009

How to apply?

if you are European student

if you are Korean student