HydroEurope project

 HydroEurope will create the first and only set of pedagogic resources dedicated to the development of flood resilience approach. The resources will be integrated within an innovative pedagogic approach (problem oriented – collaborative engineering) fully integrated at the Master level by the different partner institutions.

The HydroEurope Project is based and developed on the close partnership between the academia and the professional sector (businesses and public services). Differently from other theory-based Masters programmes, HydroEurope proposes a collaborative and innovative educational approach equipping participants with a combination of the necessary in-depth academic theoretical concepts and with an intensive practice approach and operational analysis of concrete case studies of various European catchments located in the project partner countries. The pedagogic approach is based on the team work with an international distribution of the team mates within the different participating institutions.

HydroEurope is a Strategic Partnership under Erasmus+

The 6 partners of the HydroEurope Project are:

The six partners constitute a unique consortium with complementary experience and knowledge which has been already demonstrated within the EuroAquae Joint Master Degree since 2004. The innovative approach of the consortium is made by the uniqueness of the experience of each participant and its combination in one unified vision. The approach has been highly welcome by industrial partners who are recognizing this innovative method as a major way to improve skills and competences of young engineers.

In addition to the HEIs, industrial partners are also associated to the Project. As already mentioned they provide technical support through the collaborative engineering environment but also during the online collaboration and through return of experience (ROE) with the various approaches and modeling methods. (Read more...)

Flooding events & Resilience

Var catchment in 1994 (France)

HydroEurope partners

Université Nice Sophia Antipolis